At Tally Energy Services, we focus on the economics of North American shale development. We know operators need real, fit-for-purpose solutions that effectively increase recovery while lowering operational costs. In short, solutions that add up.

Shale’s next revolution

Shale has evolved significantly over the past decade. The ever increasing demands of today’s shale development require a fresh, pragmatic approach. Our goal is to grow innovative businesses by focusing on the areas that most profoundly affect success: directional drilling, completions, and artificial lift.

When cutting edge doesn’t cut it

The most elaborate solutions aren’t always the most effective. They can be logistically cumbersome and economically challenging. Tally Energy Services provides technical products and services that are tailored for oil and gas wells in North American shale plays.

Our solutions are based on a deep appreciation for subsurface complexity and operators’ financial objectives combined with strong execution capabilities. Combining this expertise with growth capital, we make good ideas even better; adding value to our customers in today’s environment.

Partners in pursuit of results

Tally Energy Services evaluates both established companies and new entrants to determine the best way to address unmet needs. Through growth initiatives, mergers, acquisitions, and active management, we build complementary companies to advance North American shale development. By focusing on directional drilling, completions, and artificial lift, we can profoundly affect well results.

Tally does its homework, evaluating every aspect of an acquisition opportunity to ensure mutual alignment. We invest long-term capital to transform innovative companies through product and business development, and operational improvement. Significant flexibility in our investment mindset allows us to pursue a wide range of opportunities and strategically integrate businesses over time.

What works is what counts

In the process of acquisition, we look for companies whose missions, values, and cultures align with ours. Companies who excel at what they do, who have new ideas, who have strong customer relationships, who value their employees, and are committed to ensuring quality and safety in their operations. Once we’ve found a good thing, we don’t change it. We grow it.

Value, strategically magnified

At Tally Energy Services, we identify the strengths of our partners, then strategically deploy capital in a way that maintains that momentum of success. It’s a true partnership in which the operational leaders from the acquired company frequently become owners, applying proven expertise to ensure the continuity of growth and success.

Common ground for uncommon success

It’s crucial that the operating companies we acquire continue to deliver the solutions that made them successful to begin with. Tally’s buy-and-build approach is the result of thoughtful pre-acquisition planning and extensive integration experience. We spend a lot of time evaluating how products and services complement each other within the business line and our extended portfolio.

Businesses are as unique as people. There is no one-size-fits-all playbook for acquisition integration. We tailor each plan to the situation and to business needs, ensuring that it works for both customers and employees.

Oil worker engineer in safety gear inspects the well head of an oil well pumpjack. Agricultural seeting with petrochemical plant lining the horizon.

Success, forward

Operating companies of Tally Energy Services have something in common—a stellar reputation for excellence and an unwavering commitment to their customers’ success. We respect the principles and the people behind that thinking. In the course of any transition, things will naturally change. We are committed to preserving what’s been proven to work, while smoothly executing new processes or strategies to continue growing.

The capital behind compelling ideas

Tally Energy Services launched as a partnership between RedBird Capital Partners, Sallyport Investments, Chris Dorros and a group of strategic co-investors; a partnership based on a shared passion for building great businesses. We seek out the most effective ideas and put them to work. Implicit in our pragmatic approach is inviting like-minded owners and entrepreneurs to partner with us, preserving the momentum of proven success.

RedBird Capital Partners Invests transformational growth equity in partnerships with successful owners and entrepreneurs.

Sallyport Investments Endeavors to be a value-adding partner to the companies in which we invest, working side-by-side with our management teams to create great businesses and long-term value.

Count on Continuity

Those who have worked with a legacy company of Tally Energy Services can rest assured that the experience and service they’ve come to expect will continue.

As we grow, organically and through acquisitions, we will expand and complement our capabilities to further drive cost efficiencies, leveraging collective expertise in directional drilling, completions, and artificial lift.

Our approach is to leverage the complementary strengths of our businesses, strategically integrating their operations while respecting their relationships and commitments. This is how we grow the Tally brand.

Pragmatic thinking: it’s about time

With the depth of experience we bring to the table, Tally Energy Services understands the complexities of shale production. We deliver proven, fit-for-purpose solutions that make economic sense, increasing recovery while lowering operational costs.

Drilling Services

Greater accuracy, greater speed, more bandwidth to surface and higher reliability are what operators are seeking to optimize their drilling programs.


Completions are costly, and efforts are often wasted because current well-stimulation techniques lack accuracy or effectiveness. Tally is currently looking to add to its portfolio with downhole completion solutions for shale stimulation.

Artificial Lift

Highly deviated wellbores, steep decline curves, solids and variable multi-phase flow are just a few of the challenges operators face over the life of production. Tally is delivering proven solutions for shale operations.

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